Repair & Services

We are fully functional repair/service facility. We cover regular yearly maintenance to designing and building customized projects.

  • Power Washing- Acid wash on the aluminium trailers, in shop power washing
  • B&W Hitch certified installer 
  • Welding- aluminium, steel
  • Yearly- Repack bearings, inspect and adjust brakes, floor frame and light inspect
  • Roof- replacement, seam replacement, clean and seal
  • Lights- upgrade to LED, replace, troubleshoot
  • Axles- bearing pack, brake adjust, brake replacement, hub/drum replace, axle replace
  • Tires- as of now we are not covered to maintain or replace tires sorry
  • Frame- Rebuild if bent or damaged
  • Bodywork- We will take bodywork as it comes, it is a very time-consuming project and in the summer I may no have the time for it but during the winter we may
  • Couplers- replace, upgrade
  • Jacks- replace, repair, upgrade, hydraulic, electric
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Satellite
  • Winteriziations

Emergency Calls

We do emergency jobs with available time. These consist of a job that needs done immediately and cannot wait for an opening on the schedule or a Saturday/Sunday job. These jobs are billed at 1.5x the normal rate of labour.


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